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If you have found a great contest online that we somehow missed (shock, gasp) please first search for it on our site using our search engine. If it’s not there then please submit it here. Contest sponsors and advertisers, scroll down for more info.

Contest Sponsors and Advertisers: Do you have a contest you would like to promote? This site is visited every day by over 1,200 of the greatest contest enthusiasts in North America. We’ll list your contest on our homepage for free. However, don’t expect it to sit there for long — we publish about 20 new contests each day. We have several options that will allow your contest, promotion, or advertisement to be placed in a more prominent and lasting location on our site. Contact us for more information.

Contest Design and Hosting Services
We know contests. When a company puts together a poorly designed registration form, we get all the details from our community of contest enthusiasts. We have a good understanding of the promotional value of a contest, and we understand how to design it for maximum benefit. With backgrounds in marketing and web development, we’ve got the perfect set of skills to help you design a contest. Our services include:

* Copywriting
* Interface development
* Contest Hosting (including a registrant database)
* Promotion

Contact us for more information.