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January 20th, 2011

Win a Call from Gregg Sulkin Sweepstakes

Prize: Call from Gregg Sulkin.
Company: Twist Magazine
URL: 5fb2ba79b12777c
Entry Frequency: daily
Expires on: Friday 01 April, 2011


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8 Responses to “Win a Call from Gregg Sulkin Sweepstakes”

  1. Alexandra Allen says:

    hey twist megazines i really want to win
    a call from gregg sulkin
    so i can talk to him and
    i hope i will win i like to meet him someday in person so please i want to win thanks alot

  2. Alexandra Allen says:

    hi again i know i did this before i want to do it again
    so ireally love you gregg sulkib

  3. Alexandra Allen says:

    hey so
    just one more time thank you so
    when i win i want to ask gregg sulkin a question
    if he wants to do his own show with me
    as a director thank you

  4. Alexandra Allen says:

    hi again i really want to win

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